The Caldwell House Historical Tour, Part IV

Upstairs at The Caldwell House

The staircase leading to the second floor is a unique and memorable feature of The Caldwell House. Just over halfway up the main staircase, the stairs open up onto a landing, and then split to create a staircase on both sides going up the rest of the way to the second floor. No visitor to The Caldwell House forgets that beautiful staircase.

The floor plan of the second floor of The Caldwell is almost an exact replication of the first floor. Just like on the first floor, there is a wide hall which runs from front to back and a wide side hall leading to other rooms.  When The Caldwells first lived in the home, the second floor was used, with furniture removed, as a dance floor during parties.

One of the bedrooms on the west side upstairs is named GardenView. This peach-colored and bright room is decorated with a garden theme. After Mr. Caldwell had passed, Mrs. Caldwell used this room as her personal bedroom so that she could have a view of the back driveway in order to see what time her grandchildren came home from their dates.  If they were out late, she caught them every time.

Fleur de Lis is a bedroom upstairs, also at the rear of the house, which once had an exposed brick wall, now covered with sheetrock.  Today the room is decorated in a French theme.

Morning Glory is a large bedroom directly over the Master Suite downstairs, and the king-sized bed is set within a turret of windows.  This is the first room to receive the morning sun.  It has a sitting area with a gas fireplace and is one of the most beautiful rooms in the home.

The fourth room upstairs is directly over the first floor parlor. This room is used as The Caldwell House Bridal Dressing Room and its decor is charming – a favorite setting for bridal photos.

The upstairs balcony is on the west side of the home. When the Caldwells lived here, this balcony was a porch with a roof and screened in. In the summer, because there was no air conditioning, the family would place beds from one end to the other and family members would sleep out on the porch in the cooler summer air.

Originally, there was only one bathroom upstairs just off the main hall. This bathroom contains a huge clawfoot tub, which has been enclosed and surrounded with tile.  Mr. Caldwell was a large man, and one can only imagine how difficult it would have been to get this extremely heavy tub upstairs.  Since then, other bathrooms have been added inside the three guest rooms upstairs so that they all have private baths.

One notable feature to mention about the exterior of the home is a double outhouse with a metal roof at the back of the property.  Its two doors feature half-moon cutouts so popular on outhouses.  The outhouse appears to be original to the home.

We hope you have enjoyed The Caldwell House Historical Tour. If you missed the newsletters on the first three parts, here are the links to those newsletters:

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The Caldwell House Bacon Cinnamon Rolls


1 tube of store-bought cinnamon rolls

Bacon – about 8 strips for a 12 ounce tube of cinnamon rolls

That’s all, yes, really!


First, fry up that bacon. Not all the way – give it sort of a half-fry. You don’t want to make it too crunchy because it’ll snap when you try to roll it up into those cinnamon buns.

Drain bacon on paper towels. For big cinnamon rolls, you’ll need two slices of bacon per roll. For the tiny guys, you just need one.

Pop that can. Separate the rolls. Unroll them on a piece of parchment paper or a big ol’ cutting board.

Lay the bacon strips across the dough… roll them up… lay them in a greased pan and bake according to package directions.

When they are done just frost them up and enjoy!

2013 Caldwell Bridal Show a Great Success!

The Caldwell Bridal Show

On Sunday, March 17, 2013, The Caldwell House held its 3rd Annual Bridal Show and Open House.  Brides, grooms, bridesmaids, family and friends began arriving just before noon and, although the show hours were 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm, there were so many shoppers still there at 4:00 pm, we had to extend the show hours a little longer.  It was a very successful show.

 All brides were registered for a Grand Prize which consisted of an overnight stay in The Caldwell Evangeline Master Honeymoon Suite with gourmet breakfast; a bridal portrait session and framed print from Adam and Erin Falgout Photography; a gift certificate from It Works! Global Ultimate Body Application; and products from Avarie Hair Salon, Mary Kay, Plexus Slim and Complete Nutrition.  The bride who won was extremely excited as her wedding date is in January of 2014 and she will enjoy all the prizes she won.

Wedding service vendors from all over Acadiana attended and represented catering, beverage service, wedding cakes, photographers, photo booths, DJ’s, hair salons, bridal jewelry and gifts and many other products for the bride, groom and their family and friends.  Many vendors indicated that they will return for our 2014 bridal show, which tells us that they were pleased with the show.  Watch for the 2014 date to be announced soon!

Many brides commented that they enjoyed the slower pace of the show and the smaller crowd, compared to some other large-city bridal shows, allowed them time to speak to each vendor and look at their products.

On behalf of The Caldwell House and all of the vendors who participated in our show, thank you to everyone who came from near and far to attend our show.  We also thank our vendors for their participation.  We truly appreciate your support!

Below are pictures of vendors who participated in this year’s show.  You may click on their picture to take you to their website.

Crystal Weddings

Crystal Weddings

Complete Nutrition

Complete Nutrition

Chef Bobby and Dot Catering

Chef Bobby and Dot Catering

2013 Vendors

A Flower Cottage

Plexus Slim

Plexus Slim

Digital Music 1 (640x480)

Digital Music Services

Acadiana Entertainment 1 (640x480)

Acadiana Entertainment

It Works 2 (640x480)

It Works! Ultimate Global Body Wrap

Don's Custom Catering 2 (640x480)

Don’s Custom Catering

LOL Photeaux 2 (480x640)

LOL Photeaux

Moore Photography 2 (640x480)

Moore Photography

Mary Kay 1 (640x480)

Mary Kay

Marcellos 2 (480x640)

Marcello’s Beverage Service

Oragami Owl 1 (640x480)

Origami Owl

True You 2 (640x480)

True You

Shane Falgout 1 (640x480)

Shane Falgout Photography

Photography, Inc. 1 (640x480)

Photography, Inc.

Zea's 2 (640x480)

Zea’s Restaurant Catering

The Caldwell (640x480)

The Caldwell House

Dining Room Crowd 1 (640x480)


Strawberry Pie

Sometimes we serve breakfast desserts at The Caldwell House.  The guests love this, especially when they sit around for a time visiting with other guests.

3 Tablespoons cornstarch

1 1/2 cups sugar (You may want to reduce the sugar if you don’t want it as sweet.  We like it sweet.)

1 1/2 cups water

3 oz box strawberry Jell-O

2 cups sliced strawberries

10″ pie shell


Pre-bake a 10″ pie shell.

Line bottom with the sliced strawberries

Combine cornstarch, sugar and water in small saucepan.  Bring to a boil and simmer, stirring constantly, until thickened.  Add the Jell-O and stir until dissolved.  Pour over the strawberries and refrigerate until set.

Serve with whipped cream and enjoy!


Stay at The Caldwell House during Fairs and Festivals

Louisiana is well-known for its many fairs and festivals. There is hardly a town in the state that doesn’t Giant Omelettecelebrate something with a fair or festival of some type. Many times, there are several festivals on the same weekend within a short drive of each other. Abbeville, though small in size, has many excellent festivals and celebrations throughout the year.

Most of the festival events in Abbeville take place in Magdalen Square, located only 2 blocks from The Caldwell House. Guests who stay at The Caldwell House love the convenience it offers during any events held at the Square. They can come and go all day at will.

When attending a fair or festival in another town — Lafayette, Kaplan, Erath, New Iberia — The Caldwell is a great place to stay, as well.  The smaller towns do not offer accommodations as luxurious as The Caldwell House. In the larger cities, the festivals usually bring in many people. The hotels and motels are full, the restaurants are busy, and the traffic is horrific.  At some point, guests want to get away from all the crowds. A short drive to Abbeville affords the ability to leave the crowds behind, dine comfortably in one of our fine restaurants, and get a quiet night’s sleep.

Room rates are another reason to stay at The Caldwell House. It is quite common for hotel and motel room rental rates to be increased during a festival or event and often there is a minimum stay of at least 2 or 3 nights. The Caldwell House does not increase its rates and does not require a minimum stay – neither for festivals, holidays, or any other busy times of the year — always the same reasonable rate for luxury accommodations and consistently great service.

To get a list of events happening in Vermilion Parish, visit The Most Cajun Place on Earth.

Plan to book ahead — rooms at The Caldwell House often sell out during holidays and festivals. Reserve online today at or call 337-281-0807 to book your room.

The Caldwell House Bridal Show 2013 – will not participate

Thank you for considering participation in the 2013 Bridal Show.

If you change your mind and decide to participate, you may contact us anytime through March 15, 2013 to inquire about whether or not there is booth space available.

We hope to hear from you.

The Caldwell House

The Caldwell House’s Homemade Peach Pancakes

Ingredients:Peach Pancakes

2 eggs, at room temperature
2 ½ cups buttermilk, at room temperature
4 tablespoons oil
2 ½ cups flour
2 tablespoons sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
Pinch nutmeg
2 cups ripe, peeled or canned (syrup drained) diced peaches

Blend egg, milk and oil. In a separate bowl blend dry ingredients together.

Add dry ingredients to wet ingredients and stir until just combined. Gently fold in peaches. Let sit a few minutes. Batter will be lumpy.

Heat griddle until drops of water sizzle. Grease lightly with butter or spray with cooking spray..

Drop large spoonfuls of batter onto hot grill and smooth out slightly. Flip pancakes once pancakes puff and bubbles have formed, but before bubbles break.

Turn and brown on the other side, pressing down gently to make sure batter cooks evenly around the fruit.

Serve with powdered sugar, butter, warm syrup or topping of your choice.