Law Firm Whole House Rentals

The Caldwell House, an easy walk of only 2 blocks south to the Vermilion Parish Courthouse, is a perfect location for visiting law firms to stay during a trial or for any courthouse business.  Attorneys can rent individual rooms or the entire house for a few nights or an extended stay.



The layout of the rooms in The Caldwell House lends itself well for use as a temporary law office for visiting attorneys.  Six guest rooms are available with private and en suite baths. Our over-sized guest rooms are equipped for comfort and convenience with desks, tables and chairs.  Free Wi-Fi is accessible throughout the home and on the porches.


Common rooms, such as the parlor and dining room, provide adequate workspace for paralegals and secretaries.  Meeting rooms are available for privagte interviews and conferences.  Breakfast is served to guests before court each morning.  Lunch and dinner are available through our caterering services.

Our staff do all we can to make your legal team confortable and productive in the Caldwell environment.



The following review was submitted to by an attorney who rented rooms during a trial:

“Attorney Paradise”

( Review Report for The Caldwell House)

I was in town for a four day trial at the Abbeville Courthouse. The Caldwell is the perfect location, less than two blocks from the courthouse. The Caldwell provided us with more than any hotel: a quiet place to work, spacious and comfortable rooms, home made breakfast that would rival any gourmet meal prepared by the best restaurants, and a warm, welcoming, hospitable, friendly staff. Mae the manager, and her co-worker Carolyn went above and beyond to make our stay memorable. When we arrived back from court late one night, Carolyn had baked us the best home made brownies. She thought we may need a snack after such a long day. Now what hotel would do that for you? Attorneys will find this to be the ideal place to hang their hat while in town…it provided us a much needed respite. The check out consisted of a big good-bye hug from Mae. I will definitely be back!

For more information about law firm rentals, please contact Mae at 337-281-0807 or by e-mail:


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