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Does it really matter which DJ you hire?

Hi, my name is Mike. I’m a full time DJ with many years of experience. If you’ll give me a few minutes of your time, I’ll explain how to avoid some of the most common mistakes that people make when hiring a DJ service.

Most people have access to Internet and music. Some of these people have become a self proclaimed “DJ.” I’ll be the first to admit that pressing a play button doesn’t take much talent, but knowing “what songs” to play does! Knowing what to say, when to say it and when not to say anything at all isn’t something you can learn by downloading songs.

There are many types of DJ’s.  A DJ that works in a bar or club probably isn’t the best choice for a wedding reception. Likewise, a wedding DJ may not be the best choice for a Sweet 16 Party. Here’s another example…Your best friend wants to “give you his DJ services as a wedding present.” They may not really be giving you anything, unless he or she is a professional DJ.  Much of the time, they are more interested in having the spotlight on themselves rather than on the event and guests. A DJ is supposed to play the “appropriate” music, at the proper levels and at the correct time. He will also speak to the guests during his service and make announcements, and will make the introductions of the bride, groom and family.  He will also need to work with the venue staff, photographer, videographer, etc. for a seamless wedding reception.  Will he know how to do this?

Will he be dressed appropriately?  Will he act silly or in a professional manner?  What about his speech, his language?  Will his set up and equipment be professional?

Watch out for… “I’ve been a DJ for (?) years.” You should ask, “How many events do you do per month? What venues or customers can I call for references regarding your services?”

Most DJ’s aren’t real businesses. To find out who is and who isn’t, ask for a blank business check. Only legitimate services will set up a business and have a business checking account. Only professional DJ’s are listed in the yellow pages.  Google is very handy, but it lists everybody it finds connected with this service. A business with a good web page is another indicator of a professional DJ service.

Ask questions, meet with prospects, look for real DJ experience, along with any extra value that might be included beyond the price tag.  This is your wedding reception, one of the most important events of your life…don’t overlook the services a professional DJ can provide you in creating that dream.

Mike Schnauder, Digital Music Services

Mike Schnauder
Article   2010, Digital Music Services, LLC
Photo   2010 Zoom Photo
Used with permission, all rights reserved


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  1. I was a guest at a wedding where Digital Music Services, Mike was the DJ. It was the most memorable wedding reception due to the flow of the music. The DJ always said the right things at the right time for example when doing the money dance. It was comfortable and a very brief history of the money dance was explained- (I had never heard that before). This was so great that my husband and I chose to have Digital Music Services do our wedding. It was wonderful!!!!

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