Wedding Planning Services

You have chosen a venue.  You’re in the planning stage of your wedding reception and you need advice on where to set up your tables, electricity needed for your DJ, you need to get into the building to plan the various aspects of your wedding…..but no one will return your call!  You leave messages, you bang on the door – no calls are returned – no one is available.  Days go by and you are at a standstill, your DJ keeps calling, the florist needs to know how many tablecloths to provide…and still, you cannot get an answer to your questions!

WOW, what money you’ve saved on renting this hall!  But now you are told you have to provide tables, and tablecloths, and rent your own chairs!  You are shocked at what it costs to furnish a empty hall with everything you will need to create the right atmosphere for your wedding.  But it’s too late now, so you just try to deal with it as best you can.  You are already stressed.

Finally, it’s your wedding day — a day you’ve dreamed of since you were a little girl!

Regardless, you still have to coordinate activities at the reception hall.  It’s summer, 95 degrees outside, and you have to find someone to get the key and go and put on the air-conditioning prior to the reception.  Okay, someone took care of that for you.

But who is calling now?  The cake decorator needs to get into the hall (earlier than she anticipated) and the icing is melting.  Now you have to find someone to go back to the hall and let her in.  Okay, the cake is set up, the hall is cool.

Time to get dressed and enjoy your wedding preparations.  But why is the phone ringing again?  The caterer needs to get in and all the food is sitting out in the heat.  You have to find someone to go back to the hall to let them in.

It’s past time for you to begin dressing, and the most special day of your life has already become a nightmare.

Don’t let this happen to you!

The Caldwell House offers assistance with your wedding and reception planning.  From the day you choose the Caldwell House for your venue, you will be given a list of preferred wedding service vendors to contact so that you can compare services and prices.  Our trained consultants are available by phone, email, instant messaging or meeting, and we will be with you every step of the way.  Your wedding is a priority to us and we want your event to be as successful as you do.  Whether you need help planning the layout for the reception, deciding on a timeline for various activities, or determining the right decor to help you create your special wedding and reception, we will be there for you.

Brides who book a wedding at The Caldwell House do not get an empty building for which she must hire a decorator or party-planner to help create her dream.  We take care of those things for you.  Included in our wedding and reception packages are coordination by our consultants of the rehearsal, wedding and reception.  Tables, tablecloths, chairs, fleur de lis dinnerware, silverware, glass stemware, coffee urns, punch bowl, cake knives, champagne flutes, and silver cake stand are all part of the package.  No need to rent these items.

Days prior to your wedding, your Caldwell House consultant will call each wedding service provider to confirm the date and time they will be at The Caldwell on the day of your wedding.  We will take care of any rentals you may have requested, will set up the house and gardens for the wedding ceremony and reception, and make sure everything is in place the way you want it.

On the day of the wedding, our staff will be there to accept the cake, flowers, and  assist the caterer with the setup of food.  We will make sure everything is set up for your wedding, just as you dreamed it.  We will take care of your immediate family members as they arrive.  We will greet your guests and direct them to the ceremony site.  You and your family and friends can enjoy the day and leave these details to us.

After the reception, the bridal couple can enjoy their honeymoon night, and their family and friends can leave to reflect on the beautiful wedding they have just witnessed — our staff will take care of the clean up.

The staff at The Caldwell House is honored when a bride chooses The Caldwell for this most special event and we will truly do all we can to make this your dream-come-true wedding!


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