The Caldwell House Difference

As the types and styles of bed and breakfasts vary greatly, so too do the services and amenities they provide.  These services and amenities, along with treatment of guests, are crucial in how a guest will feel about a particular B&B and, oftentimes, what they will write in a review of the property once they leave.  The Caldwell House is proud to have a 5-star rating, which is the highest in the industry, in over 60 reviews on,, and other websites which promote rental of properties.

There are many things which set The Caldwell House apart from its competition, not only local completion, but competition from all over the area and state.  The absolute beauty and luxury of the home contributes to the satisfaction of any guest arriving for the first time.  They are welcomed by our staff in a friendly and casual manner, and often they are given a short tour of the home before taking them to their room.  Once in the room, they are shown the features of the room which will make them comfortable throughout their stay, such as large-screen TV, luxury robes and bath products, and extremely comfortable beds.  The Caldwell House also has free wireless internet all throughout the house and even on the porches.  For those who need recommendations on restaurants or place to visit, The Caldwell House staff is pleased to offer this assistance.

For those who order packages in addition to their room rentals, The Caldwell staff is very attentive to their needs.  If the guest ordered a cheese platter for their room upon arrival, we make sure the cheeses are there when they are taken to their room.  If they order chocolate-covered strawberries, we make sure that while the guests are at dinner, it is put in their room for when they return.  If flowers are ordered, again, they are put in the room at the proper time.

Breakfasts at The Caldwell House are always a delight.  The food is gourmet-quality and is served on our fine gold-banded china with gold chargers.  Goldware is set out along with crystal juice and water glasses.  Fruit is served in champagne coupe glasses and topped with various whipped toppings.

We cater to each and every guest and do all we can to make sure that their stay is a pleasant one.  That’s why our motto is:  Affordable Excellence…..Extravagant Value!


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