The Caldwell House Class Reunion

Many of you have been to class reunions over the years.  If you have been to several reunions, perhaps for yourself or as a guest of a class member, ask youself this:  Can you remember where they were held?  Or do you just remember that the room was large and full of people.  Most likely in that room was the food, the DJ or band, the dance floor, and perhaps a bar setup.  Do you remember anything special about that location?  Probably not.

If the class reunion had been held at The Caldwell House, it would be a reunion you would never forget!  The Caldwell’s interior offers the gracious design elements that distinguish this home from ordinary banquet halls. Your event would have an ever-changing ambiance as guests move through its varied spaces throughout the evening.

Guests would mingle under 14-foot high pressed tin ceilings. Intimate conversation would find a home in the comfortable parlor. Delicious, elegantly-served dinner buffets or hor d’oeurves would be set out in the large dining room, while guests roam to the study for a drink at the magnificent brass and wood bar.

Upon exiting the home from the side porch, guests would be amazed at the magical scene before them – a garden pavilion, lush with landscaping throughout, a domed brick circle, elegant tables with flickering candles, and a large dance floor to dance the night away.  So many beautiful spaces to enjoy – so many photo opportunities!

If you’ve ever attended a class reunion where you had to help decorate, serve guests, and endure the dreaded clean-up, you would appreciate The Caldwell House.  Our staff handles the setup of the house, pavilion, food and bar; we assist the guests throughout the evening; and when the reunion is over, we take care of all of the cleanup.  In this way, everyone can enjoy the reunion and being with old friends.

The Caldwell House offers all of this, and more.  For more information or to inquire about availability, call 337-909-0050 or email


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