Stories of Caldwell Events

Bed and Breakfast rental by basketball team:

For two years in a row, The Caldwell House hosted a basketball team from out of town who came to Abbeville to play in a tournament.  These were 13 year old boys with their parents.  The first year they came, it was just before Mardi Gras.  While the staff was preparing breakfast, the boys all came downstairs dressed in the luxurious white robes we provide for our guests, each grabbed a handful of Mardi Gras beads we had in a display in the parlor, and paraded around outside to the horror of their parents, but to the delight of our staff.  During this same basketball team rental, while the boys and their families were eating breakfast, one of the parents came downstairs with a white sheet over him to try to scare the boys into thinking he was “The Caldwell ghost”.  He was not very convincing and we are happy to report that no evidence of a “real” ghost has yet been seen.


On one particular weekend in October of one year, a couple from up north visited Abbeville and stayed with us just to eat oysters in a different restaurant each night of their stay.  On the same exact weekend, a couple came from Texas to eat oysters in a different restaurant each night.  Neither of these couples knew each other, though they both explained that this is something they do every year – come to Abbeville to eat oysters.  For both couples, they had just discovered The Caldwell and promised to be back every fall.

Wedding and Reception Adventures:

We have had many wedding and reception adventures, but two stand out from all the rest.

Once, the mother of a bride wanted to give her daughter a wedding reception she, nor her family and friends, would never forget.  The daughter was a model and had many friends in the modeling agency where she worked.  During the reception, the bride was surprised with a “fashion show” by her friends.  Guests were seated, music was played, and the girls and guys put on a fashion show especially for the bride and groom.  Later, the bride and groom were treated to a dance routine given by the young men of their church (ages 13 on down) which was created just for the bride and groom.  This wedding reception was the most unusual we have held at The Caldwell and it would be difficult for anyone to try to top it.

The next most unusual wedding and reception held at The Caldwell consisted of a bridal party of 12 bridesmaids, 12 groomsmen, a matron of honor, flower girls, ring bearers, and of course the bride and groom.  The names of the bridal party which were given to The Caldwell staff prior to rehearsal had to be revised when it was determined that some of the party could not make the wedding and others who fit into the dresses and tuxes were substituted to fill in.  Even with such a large bridal party, the wedding and reception was a complete success.

Uninvited Guests:

The majority of The Caldwell’s wedding ceremonies are held outside in our East Garden.  While having a wedding under the oak trees in front of a pond adorned with little white lightss or under the stars in the sky sounds romantic, outside weddings present experiences not found in indoor ceremonies.  An outside wedding is subject to uninvited guests – neighborhood pets.  At one wedding, prior to the wedding party coming down the aisle, a cat strolled down the aisle, seeming to want to be part of the bridal party.  Someone took the cat and held it during the entire wedding so it wouldn’t be trampled upon by the bridal party.

In another wedding, when the bridal party was standing at the arbor entrance to the ceremony site ready to walk down the aisle, a large dog decided that he, too, wanted to be part of the wedding, and it took a while for our staff to chase him away to keep him from walking down the aisle, which probably would have been terrifying for the guests, as well as the dog.  We’re happy to report that he did run away and did not attend the wedding.

Unique Ideas:

Some brides and grooms want their wedding to be totally unique, something memorable for family and friends.  We have an evening wedding reception scheduled where there will be a ping-pong table complete with glow-in-the-dark ping pong balls; besides a book for guests to sign in, one wedding couple furnished real rocks for guests to write messages on which the couple could display in their garden after the wedding. We have had Mardi Gras groom cakes, and cakes of every size, color, flavor and decoration that you can imagine.  Never do we have two weddings and receptions alike.  Our brides and grooms have so much imagination!

Engagement Proposals:

Twice in the past 6 months, we have had a hopeful groom rent The Caldwell for the purpose of proposing to his future bride.  The Caldwell staff enjoys in participating in this type of event and assists the groom in whatever way possible to make the proposal a complete surprise for the bride and a memorable experience for the couple.  One groom brought in real rose petals and used battery-operated candles to line the way to the bed in the Evangeline Master Suite upon which he put a large heart of red rose petals.

The staff at The Caldwell House can hardly wait to see what will happen next!



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