Why tourists come to Abbeville

People in this area often wonder why tourists come to visit a small town like Abbeville.  Guests who come and stay at The Caldwell House do so for various reasons.  Probably the most popular reason is to eat in one of our fine restaurants.  As guests tell us, “there is no better place to eat seafood than in Abbeville”, and we couldn’t agree more.  When guests return from dinner, they love to share their experiences with us and we always love hearing how much they appreciate our food.

They may come for our food, but they are also happily surprised at the friendliness of the townsfolk.  Many of our guests walk to restaurants and shopping, and they often come back with stories of people who greet them on the street and engage them in friendly conversation.  For many people who live in other areas of the country or world, this is unheard of.  The people of Abbeville should be proud.  The beauty of the town and the friendliness of our townsfolk make staying here a memorable experience for many tourists.  And the food makes them want to return.

The second most popular reason for guests staying at The Caldwell House is to visit family in the area.  The Caldwell offers them a place to return to sleep in luxury after a day of visiting relatives.  Sometimes our guests invite family members to eat breakfast with them, and we are always happy to accommodate them with advance notice.

The Caldwell House treats guests to a hot, gourmet breakfast each morning.  Since we use as many local ingredients as we can to promote our area, and we tell the guests what we are serving and that it is locally produced, many of them shop locally to purchase these products before they leave.  Once we had guests who purchased so many food products, they had to ship them home because it was too much for them to carry with them.  We are proud of our local foods and proud to be able to offer them at The Caldwell breakfasts.

And what about the ghosts? We have had guests who WANT TO COME to The Caldwell House to experience ghosts, for surely a 103 year old home has ghosts!  We have heard of others who WILL NOT COME to The Caldwell House because it has ghosts, none of which the staff has seen or experienced.  But who knows….maybe ghosts really are there and are waiting for the right guests to scare!


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  1. Thank you to the Caldwell staff for sharing with us the reasons people stay in Abbeville. We may not fit the definition of a “destination” but our friendly people and our willingness to help visitors make the experience a “destination. Thank you to everyone who plays a part in making Abbeville, Someplace Special on the Bayou.

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