Wedding Ceremony Music

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Brides and Grooms who choose The Caldwell House for their wedding ceremony usually do so because they desire to have an outdoor garden wedding. The beauty of the East Garden provides a lushly-landscaped and magical area for that special event.  The East Garden, however, is on the opposite side of the home from where the reception will take place, so a separate music setup is required.  Most DJ’s can provide two setups, a lighter one for the ceremony site, a larger one with speakers and other supporting musical equipment on the reception side.

Rather than recorded music, however, many brides and grooms choose to have live musicians perform at their ceremony, even if a DJ provides the music for the reception.

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Besides the ambiance and uniqueness live musicians can provide for a ceremony, there are two major differences between live and recorded music for a ceremony, particularly concerning the bridal walk.  Live musicians can “follow” the flow of the bridal walk and will usually have a smooth transition between songs selected for various parts of the bridal walk.  Recorded music provided by a DJ means that the bridal walk must “conform to the music” (rather than the music conforming to the walk).  If the music is recorded and various songs are selected (one for the family, one for the bridal party, one for the bride), there is often a silence as one song is faded out and the next song is selected and begins to play.  Professional DJ’s know how to make this transition smooth, however, many DJ’s who play for weddings are not professional DJ’s and never is that more apparent than during a bridal walk.  Sometimes it causes an awkwardness as everyone waits for the next song to begin.

Music at outdoor ceremonies requires careful planning.  There are many choices for live music.  A harpist can provide elegant and soothing music for your ceremony.  Guests will enjoy watching the harpist play the type of music you select.  Harpists can provide classical, folk, Celtic or pop music.  The East Garden, where the outdoor ceremonies are held, has a beautifully landscaped inset next to the ceremony site which is a perfect spot for your harpist to play within sight of your guests as they wait for the ceremony to begin.  You may also choose to add other instruments to be played along with the harp, such as a flute or violin.

A trumpet can provide a dramatic effect and add a memorable touch to your ceremony.  You would definitely want to make sure that the trumpet player is a professional in wedding music and not your cousin who plays the trumpet in a school band.

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A cello is another instrument which offers a rich and unique type of music for the ceremony.  A keyboard is another popular choice.

Perhaps you prefer to have a soloist perform prior to the ceremony, during the bridal walk or at various times during the ceremony.  A good soloist will add a very memorable touch to your wedding ceremony.

Regardless of what type of music setup you choose, give it a lot of thought so that what you choose will enhance your wedding ceremony.


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