Wedding Reception Music

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Wedding receptions at The Caldwell House are held under the West Garden Pavilion on the opposite side of the home from the East Garden Ceremony Site.  While the East Garden is well-suited for the ceremony, the West Garden Pavilion provides a perfect place for the reception, along with the inside of the home for food and beverages.  The reception music may be the same or may be different from the ceremony music.

The choices for reception music are extensive and should be totally dependent upon the personality and choice of the bride and groom.  Perhaps a bride and groom like jazz and desire to have a jazz band for the reception music.  Jazz music adds an elegance and sophistication not found in other music, however, it may not be the type of music family and friends will want to dance to.  Consider your guests and what type of reception you want to have.  If you prefer a low-key reception where guests mingle rather than dance, a jazz band would be a wonderful choice.  However, if the majority of guests are young people who like to dance, they may be bored and feel out of place at a reception with jazz music.

A large band can provide a “big party” atmosphere and make your reception an extremely fun event.  If this is what you envision for your wedding reception, you will probably have many bands to choose from.  While bands with 10 or more members may be expensive (compared to small bands), and may also require staging, tenting, lights, etc., they certainly can make your wedding reception “the talk of the town”.  However, if cost is a consideration, there are other bands which are composed of only a few musicians and their cost and requirements will be much less.

Some bands are now using technology to produce natural-sounding electronic music which is combined with live musicians and instruments.  This allows small bands to create sounds that they could never come up with using only a few instruments.  The Caldwell House has had such a band play at various events and the customers were extremely pleased.  We expect to see much more of this in the future.

DJ’s are the most popular choice for wedding receptions in our area, probably for two reasons:  (1) the cost is easier on the budget; (2) many brides and grooms have friends who DJ.   While the first reason is certainly a consideration, we advise caution on the second reason, particularly if the DJ is not a professional and is not familiar with playing for wedding receptions.  DJ’s are not only expected to provide music, but they must make announcements at the reception, which should be done in a professional manner, and they are often responsible for coordinating the events that take place during the reception, such as the first dance, parent dances, money dance and the bouquet and garter throw.  Not knowing what to say or how to say it could make for awkward moments at a reception.

Music may be the most important consideration when you plan your wedding reception.  Shop early so that you will have your choice of music and give it a lot of thought for a wedding reception you and your guests will enjoy and remember fondly.


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