A Historical Tour of The Caldwell – Part III – Evangeline Master Suite

The Evangeline Master Suite, located on the first floor of The Caldwell House, is its most luxurious guest room and is used as the Honeymoon Suite, but of course any guest can choose to stay in this lovely room.  When the home was built, The Evangeline Master suite was not a bedroom but served as a second parlor.  As Mr. Caldwell aged and couldn’t go to church, he used to sit for hours staring out a window in this room at his beloved Methodist Church, located catty-corner to The Caldwell, listening to religious programs on his radio, and singing the hymns.  Mr. Caldwell previously went to a Methodist church down the street, but one day he decided it was too far away and he had a church built across the street. (photo by JLang Photography)

Mrs. Caldwell was quite a character, as well.  When the home was built, there was a tree on the west side very near the house.  When age prevented the Caldwells from climbing the stairs to the second floor, someone decided to take advantage of the situation.  The Caldwells became aware of a man climbing the tree and sneaking into the upstairs rooms to steal things.  Finally, Mrs. Caldwell, who was quite comfortable with a gun, decided she had had enough.  One evening, she listened for his footsteps upstairs while she followed him downstairs with her rifle.  When he stopped in a corner in a bedroom above what is now the Evangeline Master Suite, she aimed the gun and pulled the trigger.  The bullet went through the floor, through an armoire and through the ceiling above.  The man apparently wasn’t hit, but he did run out of the house and never came back again.

The room now has a sitting area with a gas fireplace. A king-sized sleigh bed is set within a turret of windows which are beautifully decorated with lace curtains. A large screen TV and DVD player are set inside a beautiful armoire and the room has a desk and chair for the comfort of our working guests. The honeymoon package offers an in-room breakfast.

The private bath contains a double Jacuzzi tub with a stained glass window above, a separate shower and pedestal sink. The bathroom doorway used to lead onto a side porch. In 2001, the Jacuzzi bathroom was added. (photo by Moore Photography)




The Caldwell Bar:

Formerly, this room which is adjacent to The Evangeline Master Suite, was used as a study or library, however, it now serves a more useful function – the bar!  The lovely wood bar and glass and wood cabinet containing various types of glasses for events add to the beauty of the room.